About You: Born 7th July 1947, Katoomba, NSW Resides: Nelsons Plains, NSW

Height: 6 FT Weight: 98Kg

Nickname: “Morky”

Children: All Boys – Daniel 30-9-74 Mark 31-01-79 Matt 18-3-83 Deceased 14-2-2006 Bike accident

Hobbies: Racing Cars, Motorbikes, Karate, Pistol Shooting, Poker

Occupation: Team Owner/Manager, Driver. Motor Mechanic.

Brief Biography: First Started Motorsport in 1964, Drag Racing on and off till 1980. Started Club Sport in Group 7 Rally’s (Castlereagh State Forrest, Coffs Harbour) Lap Dashes (Amaroo Catalina Oran Park Motorkhanas, Kahanacross, Dirt Circuits, Hill Climbs, Sprints, Skid Pan, and West Mead Speedway. Castlereagh, Amaroo, Silverdale, Bulli, Bathurst, Oran Park, Hampton, HMAS Nirimba, Bungool from 1968 – Today.

First open meetings Division 2 Sport Sedans 1973 – Today.

Raced motorbikes in motocross and Enduro from 1980 – 1986.

Riding track Marshal at Filco ride days 1990 – 2004

Competed in Ford Laser Series 1986.

Raced an International Go Kart 1985 – 1988

Club Cars / IPRA 1986 – Today. Longest serving Member of the IPRA

HQ Holdens 1990 – 2004. Made a Life Member in 2004

V8 Supercars 1996 – 2009.

Production Cars 2005 – Today

Competed in AROCA 6 Hour Relays on 11 occasions 1983-84-86-87-88-89-90-91-95-96-97-01.

Competed at Bathurst: HQ Racing – four times. Club Cars – one time. Improved Production – Six times V8 Supercars – VP one media day 1998 James Hardie 1000 in own VR Commodore Supercar with Bill Sieders Wrongfully removed from Race after 78laps?? 1999 FAI 1000 in own VS V8Supercar Christain D’Agostin with ABC Documentary “In The Pits” DNF with engine problems after 120Laps? 2000 FAi 1000 in own VS V8Supercar with Steve Williams Finished 29th

12 Hour Honda Integra – two times FOSC Easter Weekend – two times

Drove Legends at Tickford 500 support 2005?

Drove in Wakefield 500 in Lotus Extige 2005 With Dave Sieders and Brad Lowe?

Class win in 2011 Sandown 500 with Jake Williams in Terry Conroys Honda Integra S

Won the Irace Production Cars Series 2011 and 2012 Class A in Honda Integra R

Raced at Parramatta Speedway Street Stockers 2011-2012-2013

Bathurst Support Race IPRA Honda Integra 2011-2012-2013-2014-2016-2017 2015

Ran in all rounds of the East Coast Bull Bars V8 Ute Series in the Gulf Western Oils FG Ford

Got to run at tracks I have never been to Clipsal, Barbagallo, Darwin Hidden Valley, Castrol Townsville Reid

Park, and Sydney Olympic Park all tracks, very competitive series with some great drivers.

2016 Got to Run a Holden V8Ute at Phillip Island another track I had not been to, to avoid more damage I Jumped the Start thinking I would get a 5sec penalty but got a drive through Great Track!

2016 ran at Bathurst in the Challenge and IPRA Easter did a few MRA Meetings in my Honda Integra R 2016 started doing the Cheap Car Challenge at MDTC in my Hyundai Excels on the old track

2017 ran at Bathurst in the Challenge and IPRA Easter did a few MRA Meetings and IPRA at Eastern Creek in my Honda Integra R and did some Cheap Car Challenge in a Hyundai 2 ltr Coupe

2017 I also did the East Coast Bulbars V8Ute series finishing 12th Also got to run at Newcastle which was a great event I ran at Gold Coast Bathurst where I put in a few quickest times over the top of the mountain maybe because it was my third time there that year LOL

2018 I am competing in the AMRS V8Ute Series this year and leading the championship probably due to the fact that not many utes have turned up for this great series. I also did some Cheap Car Challenge in a Hyundai 2 ltr Coupe on there great new track and MRA meeting in the Honda

2018 Will run Bathurst at the Challenge next mth and will be doing 2 more V8Ute rounds Eastern Creek and Winton and stand a good chance of winning a National Title.

2018 I won the AMRS V8Ute National Title on the way I won 2 sets of new Yokohama Tyres which I did not use and sold. I won the title on second hand tyres that I paid $50 each for.

2019-2020 I did the Bathurst Challenge in my Honda DC5 S 2015 til 2020 I have been running in the Pheasant Wood “Cheap Car Challenge” with Peter Bink Paul Bink John Burke Rob Boaden Brad Denning and Justin Perry.

2019 2021 Doing Regularity with the MRA in my Honda DC5 S also running a Legend Car and The Pheasant Wood 4 Hour enduro with Brad Denning, Will Foot, Ken Davis.

2020 Ran the Honda DC 5 S at Wakefield in the Regularity came first and won $500 long time since I have seen any prize money LOL

2021 even with Covid around I competed in 36 meetings, 1 Cams Meeting the Bathurst Challenge.

2021 Ran my Toyota 86 in the Australian MRA Production Car Championship

2021 Ran in the Regularity at Wakefield Park with the Toyota 86 came 3rd

2021 Ran my Legend at Wakefield Park was my 5th meeting this year.

2021 will be running in the Toyota 86 in the Bathurst 6 Hour, April with Ric, Tom Shaw and myself.

Richard Mork Interview:

Favourite circuit and race?
Richard Mork: Update 2021 Pheasant Wood Circuit is my favourite small track and the Pheasant Wood Deputy 4 Hour my favourite event. Bathurst, The Bathurst race.

Least favourite circuit and race?
Richard Mork: I enjoy them all.

Most memorable race?
Richard Mork: Finishing Bathurst in own car.

Most admire in people?
Richard Mork: Honesty.

Racing Hero?
Richard Mork: Peter Brock.

Like to meet?
Richard Mork: Bill Gates.

First V8 season?
Richard Mork: 1997.

First V8 race?
Richard Mork: Lakeside 1997. First Bathurst 1000? Richard Mork: 1998.

First major Crash?
Richard Mork: Still have not had it. 2021 had a bad crash in my Legend at Wakefield Park bit sore was big!